Monday, February 23, 2009

Chihuahuas on the red carpet

We hosted an Oscar party, and donned our best gowns for the event. My gown had (I stress the word "had") a nice fixture on the back, of a few cutout flowers with 3 pearls sewn in. Bambi decided she'd munch on them while we were hanging out together, so now it just looks silly.

We were rooting for Mickey Rourke to win "Best Actor" ... his chihuahua Loki had recently died of old age (did you notice Mickey wore a picture of Loki around his neck?) I wonder if Loki was potty trained, unlike some little dog we all know. Loki used to attend red carpet events as Mickey's date, how cool is that?



Rob said...

I did not know he was a big fan of chihuahuas. Very interesting.